BetFashionTV at Sigma 2019

BetFashionTV are at it again. Appearing at Sigma conference this month.

This year, a mega brand is coming to SiGMA! Following an incredible 2019, FashionTV Gaming Group is set to shake up the industry with its unique concepts, high-profile events and global reach. Harnessing the power of FashionTV, FashionTV Gaming Group has created an exclusive ecosystem that traverses the worlds of luxury lifestyle and online gaming. With access to decades of proven FashionTV content, new partner Operators and Software Providers can create their own unique FashionTV-branded games or websites, launching to a captive FashionTV audience of over two billion people around the world. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A MEETING NOW WITH OUR COMMERCIAL TEAM ON OUR STAND #P9.

Style meets substance

From casino and live dealer, to sports betting and lotto, FashionTV-branded products deliver incredible new growth engines, successfully launching recognisable – yet completely unique – new games and dramatically reducing the marketing costs associated with building a new brand. Whether you’re a B2B Provider or B2C Operator, FashionTV Gaming Group is your gateway to guaranteed brand recognition.

With access to an audience of billions, you can attract new player segments while creating unique gaming concepts, and exclusive events that bridge the gap between the virtual and real worlds, helping drive loyalty and retention.

From its broadcast channels and massive social media following, to its iconic celebrity events, parties, fashion weeks, model award ceremonies and branded property portfolio, FashionTV has an unrivalled global footprint. And now you can make this influential brand your own, creating websites and games with global impact – and leveraging the FashionTV network to achieve almost instant success.

If you’re an established enterprise looking to secure your place at the top, or expand your offering into emerging markets, power your future with FashionTV Gaming Group.

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Discover where FashionTV Gaming Group can take you at SiGMA 2019 – follow the press, models and industry leaders straight to booth P9.


Don’t forget to pick up your invite for the SiGMA closing night FashionTV Party, sponsored by FashionTV Gaming Group, and experience FashionTV luxury and glamour first hand.
Make sure to collect your invite by visiting booth P9.

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Reading facebook complaints in the igaming notworkers forum about people claiming this affiliate program has ripped off people before and wondering why still allowed to advertise at a major conference.