Canadian senior denied $10K winnings from OLG Slots at Mohawk Racetrack over self-exclusion policy

This story is going to get ugly fast for OLG Slots at Mohawk Racetrack. An 82 year old man named John Marando was playing slots and before calling it a night hit a jackpot for just over $10,000 on Feb 17th, 2017. The problem arised when he went to cashout he was ushered into a casino office and was told

we can’t pay you, you signed yourself out 17 years ago.

So here is the real problem, should the player be paid out his winnings? Did Mohawk make any effort to enforce their self-exclusion policy? It’s not like that when he comes to gamble they don’t know who he is and surely they should have been able to detect he was a regular gambler there. It seems the casino was content accepting deposits in this manner but when it came to a big win this is when they decided they wanted to enforce their self-exclusion policy.

OLG spokesman Rui Brum has not commented on the manner. The player was paid out a previous win earlier and the player is now going to contact a lawyer over the issue.

It is situations like this that makes you wonder if land based gaming has any standard of ethics when most land based casinos and organizations that profit from them are quick to attack online gambling as being unethical.

You can read the full article of the story from the National Post here: