Colombia shuts down online operators

Colombia is doing a great job when it comes to blocking illegal online casinos, that have no license in this country. Last week, the gambling regulator of the country announced the making of a blacklist that had 325 sites that are right now banned.

Many of these casinos include some of the most known casinos, like Betfair, William Hill, Pokerstars and others.

This is the response to last year’s legalization of online gambling. There’s a high fee for those who want to have a license and also a 20% tax on every revenue left many of the operators having to choose to keep offering their service to the country’s people, but only from offshore headquarters.
It is in Bogota that many physical casinos exist, with many visitors every day.

Colombia is very forward when it comes to progress, since it was one of the first countries in Latin America to approve the legislation for online gambling. However, the law was unsound. The first issue is that it was stated a licensing fee for operators exceeding 160.000$. The Colombian annual wage is under 14,000$. The second issue is that there was instituted a value-added tax of 16% on player deposits. However, the government quit this tax because of so many concerns from operators. The revenue is still taxed at 15%, and many online gaming sites refuse to legalize their games.