Ikibu December Races

The wait is over: Ikibu Races are here on Monday, December 5th!

The best Christmas calendar takes place in Ikibu

#What are the IKIBU Races?

Running hourly, daily, weekly and monthly, players will be able to join races and earn up to 3 Million seeds throughout the Christmas season!

With intuitive graphics and smooth gameplay, we are confident our Ikibu Races will turn out to be our best retention tool yet. Let’s push the races!

###How to join?

Starting on December 5th, our race lobby (www.ikibu.com/races) will show the active and upcoming races available. Players will need to click on the “Join Race” button. That’s all!

##How do they work?

With a countdown timer and a set amount of spins, players just need to get the biggest wins in order to move up the leaderboard! Once the time or the spins run out, top winners will receive their price in seeds, which they can ultimately trade in the bonus shop!

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