ISP-Blocking in Czech Republic

The Constitutional Court of Czech Republic ruled that the controversial laws when it comes to ISP blocking unlicensed gambling sites are actually constitutional. These new regulations have been active since the year’s start and they’re part of a major change to the laws of internet gambling in this country.

Any operators that want to offer their services in Czech Republic needs, in first place, get a license and if they still operate without it then they will have to face prosecution from the police and also from the national regulator.

A recent tax has been added regarding the gross revenue for lotteries and also sports betting (of 23%), a new one for RNG casino games has been also added (35%) and, in top of them, there’s also a standard 19% corporate tax.

There were even senators that actually questions if these new regulations were in conflict of the prohibition of censorship from the Constitution. However, the Court stated that all of these new regulations weren’t a form to control or even to restrict freedom of expression or information, but they existed to prevent any illegal activity when it comes to online gambling.