Mexico online Gambling: Is it about to change?

Europe has made an enormous progress regarding the legalization and also regulation of iGaming. The member states are adopting regulatory frameworks that allows the state member to regulate their own online gambling markets due to the growing demand of online gambling and also betting, among their population.

Mexico is the largest country with most spanish speaking population situated in Latin America and it has over 120 million people. It has been over two years that lawmakers in Mexico have been working on a regulatory regime, regarding to the manner that online gambling services should be proceeded.

Many operators are already running there, but they operate in a very gray zone, since there are no regulations specified regarding the what’s legal and what’s not legal. This means that, in Mexico, iGaming isn’t actually allowed but it is not prohibited. This can all change, or not, since it depends on the progress of the Mexican legislators to actually make a regulation.
The country’s gambling regulator is one of the supporters of this legalization. He even stated that making online gambling legal can lead into a very lucrative service, which would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

Allowing online gambling in Mexico could be very profitable, since this country has already many players. Allowing it would be only a small step into the incredible profit that can come from iGaming.