New amends in Australia's online gambling law

Australia’s Senate has approved a lot of amendments when it comes to internet gambling laws in the country, that were set to make poker and sports betting illegal.

The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was given to this Senate in last year’s November, which includes a legislation banning all gambling activities that weren’t authorized, like online poker. Sports betting will continue to be authorized, however this amended law will reiterate the ban on all forms on in-play wagering.

Many operators offered an in-play betting through a loophole, and players were able to make an in-play bet through telephone, instead of doing so online. However, these changes could make many gambling companies give up on being in Australia, and many have left their headquarters in the country because of the laws that exist.

Many people who have been playing online poker and betting on sports will have to do so in unauthorized websites, due to the changes in the law. This will only be prejudicial to players and online casinos that offer such bets.