New bill in Michigan: Will it Pass?

Online Gambling is again on the table in Michigan. It decided to get regulations, since it failed to do so in 2016. Michigan will join Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and also New York that have also proposed a new legislation or are making plans to get some regarding online gambling state bills introduced.

This measure is being treated as “The Lawful Internet Gaming Act”, and it proposes the development of regulation and also rules for licenses in Michigan. Senator Mike Kowall wrote SB 203 and was also the culprit of last year’s failure. The state’s trying to be the first passing a plan, because it hasn’t happened since 2013. Only the states of New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada offer igaming, but there are good prospects when it comes to the legalization of online gambling in other states in the United States.

Many measures proposed from last year’s measure stills in this year’s bill, just like that casino’s users have to be be 21 or over than 21 in order to play in the casino and also need to be inside the state. This bill also dictates that casinos should also offer poker, without counting other games.
License fees were changed as well. Unlimited permits won’t be allowed on the new bill, but the previous had a number on how many could get issued.