New Bill in West Virginia

West Virginia is now the 7th state that introduced legislation in order to the legalization and also the regulation of internet gambling during this year. This is the first bill regarding those topics in the state. This is something that’s not unexpected, due to many states having already a legislation and a regulation for online gambling. This state has been selected as one of Online Poker Report’s “dark horse” states.

H 3067 is the name of the bill. It is now sponsored by Shawn Fluharty a Delegate. This bill would make online gambling legal through licensed, regulated and also authorized facilities in the State.
This bill assigns the regulation and licensing duties to the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

These are great news for players in the state. However, only licensed facilities and also race tracks in the state would actually be qualified for a license. The fee for this license would be 50.000$, which isn’t that high when it is compared to million dollar fees that other states are requesting to gaming facilities. The tax rate is of 14% of the gross revenue.

This bill doesn’t find legal any online gambling that isn’t authorized and, therefore, there are criminal penalties from a first offense to a violation. A person can pay from 75.000$ to 300.000$ for an offense, and can end up in prison or in a correctional facility.

John Musgrave, who was the Lottery Director of West Virginia in 2014, had explored online gaming and also online lottery. The current director, John Myers, is also very opened when it comes to online gaming, even stating that they have to consider progress, in order to stay competitive.