Online gambling gives more customers to physical casinos

Caesar’s has a number that represents the potential of legalized online gambling that supports physical casinos, and the number is an astounding 80%. This number was submitted to a joint Senate and also Pennsylvania House hearing.

According to David Satz, Caesar’s SVP of Government Relations, this number represents online signups at this casino that weren’t existing customer in the database. In 2015 the total Rewards Database had 45 million people, a great number that many weren’t expecting. Caesars stated that only a low percentage of online players are actually customers.

According to Caesars, regulated online gambling actually generates a lot of new players. And many of these customers will actually visit the physical casino.
Caesars customers actually produce a great revenue: 71.8$ million dollars have been won by the casino since 2013, when it had its launch.

All of this to say that online gambling is actually introducing more and more players to physical casinos, which is a great thing. Many players prefer to play at physical casinos but they don’t have other options than playing online, due to many factors. Online casinos have allowed many people to have their own way of entertainment without leaving their house, which is why many online casinos have so many players.