Potential changes in Pennsylvania

There is the potential to change the policies in Washington, which is the last thing that the state’s legislators have to deal with, regarding the legalization of online gambling in online casinos in PA. The House Gaming Oversight Committee and also the Senate community, Economic and Recreation Development Committee heard the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to reverse a federal legal opening of 2011, therefore letting states legalize online gambling.

The Attorney General stated that he’d review the Department of Justice opinion during his Senate Confirmation Hearing last January.

David Cookson from the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling stated that with the current situation happening in Washington, online gambling isn’t reliable and isn’t an existent origin of revenue.
There’s a new casino tax regarding the local impact assessments. During the fall, the Supreme Court ruled that this is unconstitutional. There was a complaint by Mount Airy, that casinos generate much less revenue and paid a heavy tax.

Mario Scavello (R-40) Senate Panel Chairman, is focused on a gambling expansion bill through the House and the Senate. When it comes to gambling revenue, the budget of the state is anticipating about 100$ million.Both committees have scheduled a new meeting that will happen March 20th regarding the legalization of video gaming terminal in clubs and bars.

There is consensus between twelve casinos that have everything regulated and create revenue and pay their taxes. However, two are against the legalization of internet gambling. Mounty Airy is supportive of online gambling.

Mounty Airy officials stated that online gambling would provide a fresh origin of tax income not only for the US but also for the commonwealth. However, Mounty Airy is opposed to the legalization of gaming terminals.

Thomas Decker, Philadelphia attorney and also a former member of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said that this opinion would change and if it did it wouldn’t have any legal impact when it comes to the state laws regarding the legalization of online gambling.

Kaufer is preoccupied that the legalization of online gambling is going to turn smartphones into slots. He thinks that generating legislative support when it comes to the legalization of internet poker or fantasy sports would be easier.