Switzerland: Maybe there will be a Blockage of foreigner gambling sites

Last Wednesday, there was a voting session by the Swiss House of Representatives in Switzerland regarding blocking the access to gambling sites that haven’t a license with the local authorities.

Internet providers said that gambling operators in Switzerland would likely to have to pay some additional costs, since they would be taking advantage of this blockage. However, those providers even commented that even though those sites would be blocked, there would always be several ways that players could use to access them.

It was pointed by representatives of the Greens and Swiss People’s Party that blocking those websites wouldn’t be something democratic.

Taxations were also discussed but legislators failed to make an accord regarding how gambling winnings would become taxed, if at all. The Senate made a propose where the winnings of lottery and sports betting up to CHF1 million would still remain untaxed. The House or Representatives claimed that all winnings should be tax-free
There are still some issues pending that need solution regarding to new online gambling regulations. There’s going to be another discussion on March 15.