Third bill regarding online gambling in PA

There is a third bill in Pennsylvania regarding online gambling, that is led by a minority in the Senate that is led by Jay Costa. This new bill is called 524. Besides Costa, there were more four new republican senators that also introduced a new legislation early in March.

This new legislation wants:

  • To legalize and regulate online gambling,
  • To regulate and legalize fantasy sports,
  • To permit gaming in tablet at some airports,
  • The fix of the slots tax that is imposed on Category 3 casinos,
  • The restoration of the tax imposed locally and the surrounding communities,
  • Authorize hybrid and skill-based slots,
  • Reinstate the local share tax for surrounding and host communities.

But there is something different about the others bill presented in the Senate. SB524 wants to legalize online lottery, it imposes a higher tax rate on daily sports and also in internet gambling, a higher licensing fee (10$ million) and the charge of a loftier rate for industry vendors.

Since PA’s House of Representatives and Pa’s Senate have a different view regarding the tax rate of online gambling, it has become a problem to hold up the legislation. The House wants a 14% tax when the Senate wants 25%, announced in this third bill.
There will be needed a compromise regarding this tax so that the legislation can move forward. However, the tax shouldn’t be higher than 20%.