Using live chat, facebook and twitter to test casinos

We wrote a quick guide on how to test casinos for quality focusing on their live chat service, Twitter and Facebook.

Quick takeaway points are:

  • Does the casino even offer live chat?
  • Lazy or rude agents
  • Amazing customer service
  • Facebook & Twitter activity

A casino without livechat is not a good sign to start but keep in mind some amazing casinos simply don’t offer it.

A casino that does have live chat but agents that don’t seem to care to help, it’s a good sign you might not want to play there.

When you find a casino that has friendly and helpful staff, it is a good sign you might want to keep them.

If they are active on Facebook and Twitter, you can learn more about their promotions but more importantly have a means of complaining in a public domain should you need to do that.

Using live chat as a casino check is a great way to filter out the good casinos from the bad.