Withdraw your BTC before Aug 1st at your online casinos

Oshi Casino are letting players know they should withdraw their BTC before August 1st before the Bitcoin fork takes place. You’ll want to do this as almost all casinos will hold your Bitcoin but not Bitcoin Cash or BitcoinABC.

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As an Oshi registered customer, we thought you should know about very likely Bitcoin fork on August 1st 2017 and how Oshi is dealing with it.


  • Oshi won’t be accepting ‘Bitcoin Cash’ (new variant of Bitcoin from August 1)
  • If you want to migrate your Bitcoin over to ‘Bitcoin Cash’, cash out and find a suitable exchange where you can migrate your coins.
  • Service at Oshi will be exactly the same as ever for regular Bitcoin
    More detail
    It has become clear that a small minority of Bitcoin miners are planning to deviate from the current Bitcoin protocol on August 1st at 12:00 AM UTC in a User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF). This new cryptocurrency is being referred to as BitcoinABC or Bitcoin Cash, and will have different technical rules from the current blockchain.
    When this happens, Сubits (the Bitcoin exchange Oshi uses) will not be offering the option to withdraw funds on the new blockchain. All Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals made via Cubits system will continue to be processed as normal on the current blockchain.
    So, players who want to claim their funds on the new chain must withdraw their Bitcoin funds from their Oshi Casino account to an external wallet by July 31st.
    Please also note there may be interruptions with Cubits services on August 1st, although this is unlikely.
    Finally, in respect to the security of your ‘Bitcoin’ nothing has changed and all of the existing security measures are still in place and effective as ever.
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